Our Mission Statement

The mission of Surfside PX is to generate funds for the support of disabled military veterans.

We can meet our mission through the sale of items donated by the public at large via the PX thrift store.

The collected funds, beyond the necessary expenses of running the thrift store, are targeted for the support of three charities whose expressed mission match our own: the treatment, rehabilitation, and housing of our injured military veterans who have fought so bravely to preserve our freedoms.

Our selected non-profit military charities may be involved in providing:

  • Medical research into the treatment of traumatic brain injuries
  • Therapy and rehabilitation of wounded veterans who have suffered traumatic injuries
  • On-site housing for the families of veterans undergoing medical treatment/rehabilitation therapy
  • Housing designed and built to accommodate the needs of disabled veterans

Please see our target charities on our Charities webpage.  Should you want to know more about them, please visit their website by clicking on their respective logos.

 How We Came to Be.

Turning a terrible accident into a positive vision is no easy task. But that is exactly what Surfside PX did. A few years ago, one if its founding members slipped on a patch of ice. The accident left her with two cracked vertebra and two years of pain, medications, restricted physical abilities and therapy. It also, however, left her with the realization of how difficult it is to live a normal life while living with these injuries. So she decided to take action, and started an organization that helps veterans who serve our country and need additional resources when they return.

With the support and active participation of her husband, she converted their vacant property in Surfside Beach into a thrift store to collect funds that help disabled veterans. Surfside PX was born, and has since obtained a 501(c)3 nonprofit status. The organization accepts items to the store and sells them, giving all profits toward the care and rehabilitation of these disabled veterans.

"Young soldiers who have served our country need additional resources and the help of the public to get the care needed to heal and re-integrate into society," said Scott, the CEO of Surfside PX, Inc. The organization’s mission extends beyond simply offering monetary donations to these Veteran's Charities. It also strives to increase visibility and awareness of this nationwide problem by being advocates for them.