Welcome to Surfside PX

Surfside PX is a non-profit thrift store whose mission is to help out Disabled Veterans.

All merchandise is donated by folks like you. We cannot purchase items for resale or accept items on consignment without jeopardizing our non-profit status. Because we are a non-profit organization, we are not required to charge the South Carolina / Horry County 8% sales tax!

So not only can you get quality items at great prices when you shop with us, you save again when you do not have to add a sales tax!

100% of the benefits from the proceeds of all sales are ear-marked for our chosen three Charities whose mission statement mirrors ours: Helping Disabled Veterans

Donate, Shop and Volunteer with us and Never forget to thank Veterans for our wonderful US-way of life!

December Newsletter


Biggest News:  Our eBay store is up and running !  You can access by clicking at the bottom of this page under "eBay" or by putting in our store name when you are on the eBay site.  Our store name is PXcoolstuff.

All the listings so far have been done by Evelyn and she will be teaching Danielle and Kim how to go about it as well.

Robert (our Canadian Volunteer) is installing the online workshop and will be putting order into our ever sprawling mess.

This new venue for the PX is offering collectibles, vintage pieces and items that need a bigger exposure to increase the funds these types of quality donations can generate.  With the holidays upon us, please recycle your packing bubble wraps and peanuts to us as this will reduce our shipping costs.

Sales signs are put up thanks to Bob and Marc. With that said, please still pass the word along that our sofas are now on sale, so are our clothing, dishware, cookware, linen, rugs AND books - space needed for the upcoming holiday rush!

Along with a large donation of Angels already on display (Christmas ornaments, figurines), we are still actively pricing and growing our Christmas department with Bill's, Ann's and Cindy's help.  Originally limited to one corner of the store, the Christmas store is now sprawling into different departments, with much more to come.

The new air conditioning/heating system installed last month (thanks to our landlords, at no cost to the PX) is keeping the online and storage areas at good working temps.

Both Robert and Marc are to be lauded for tirelessly helping with picking up heavy/bulky furniture donations from our generous donors.  They are really a Godsend to our aging group of volunteers.

If you personally are thinking of doing some volunteering work, please think of us, we have loads to do and could use your help in meeting our mission of raising funds for Disabled Vets.

Thank you All for being part of Surfside PX's extended family and please always remember to thank Veterans for our freedoms and wonderful US-way of life !