Welcome to Surfside PX

Surfside PX is a non-profit thrift store whose mission is to help out Disabled Veterans.

All merchandise is donated by folks like you. We cannot purchase items for resale or accept items on consignment without jeopardizing our non-profit status. Because we are a non-profit organization, we are not required to charge the South Carolina / Horry County 8% sales tax!

So not only can you get quality items at great prices when you shop with us, you save again when you do not have to add a sales tax!

100% of the benefits from the proceeds of all sales are ear-marked for our chosen three Charities whose mission statement mirrors ours: Helping Disabled Veterans

Donate, Shop and Volunteer with us and Never forget to thank Veterans for our wonderful US-way of life!

 PX September Newsletter

As the summer season is coming to a close, we got a little flood from Hermine as the bands of rain came by.  No real damage from the water, just a lot of mopping up. Also got a couple door closers to repair from the wind whipping the doors open.

We will be taking Labor Day off to recoup from all the excitement!  We will also now be on our winter hours Tuesday-Saturday 9am-4pm

The Px is again changing its lay out: We are busily setting up a large Christmas area.  Wanted to do that in July but now is as good a time as any.  To create that space, we decided to reduce the clothing lines to only name brands and a little furniture restoration project sprouted into that space as soon as it came available :) Sorry folks, Danielle LOVES doing that kind of stuff.

We have yet a new volunteer. Blair spent her first couple of hours with us measuring out fabrics to ready them for pricing. Much more to come out there - the Arts & Crafts area has also been expanded real estate-wise. Still waiting on the ladies for the "fat quarters" though.

Ann reorganized the linen area and Bill checked Christmas lights and electronics. So nice to have some experts in-house.

Cindy, Kim, Ann, Danielle, Scott & Bill all pitched in for the reorganization of the clothing lines.

Kevin always answers the call when we have a need for his smile and strong back. Furniture deliveries are getting done thanks to him.

Tools are still in limbo and Ann has put that area in her crosshairs.

Our PX Angels list on our "how to help" page is steadily growing as our generous donors are increasing in numbers. 

Please let the word out: the PX offers wonderful stuff at great prices!

Thank you all for your kindness towards our Veterans, and please remember to always thank Veterans for our wonderful way of life here in the US.