Welcome to Surfside PX

Surfside PX is a non-profit thrift store whose mission is to help out Disabled Veterans.

All merchandise is donated by folks like you. We cannot purchase items for resale or accept items on consignment without jeopardizing our non-profit status. Because we are a non-profit organization, we are not required to charge the South Carolina / Horry County 8% sales tax!

So not only can you get quality items at great prices when you shop with us, you save again when you do not have to add a sales tax!

100% of the benefits from the proceeds of all sales are ear-marked for our chosen three Charities whose mission statement mirrors ours: Helping Disabled Veterans

Donate, Shop and Volunteer with us and Never forget to thank Veterans for our wonderful US-way of life!


ON SALE - WEEK OF August 14 THROUGH August  17


.      SOFA CLEARANCE - Any Sofa $50

·      DISHWARE, COOKWARE and LINEN - Always 50% OFF

Veterans and Active Military get another 10% off total purchase with proper ID as our thank you for your service to our nation.



Summer hours are here.  We are adding a day and shifting the hours to a bit later in the day.  This allows you to hit the beach before shopping :)

The PX is open four days per week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 11 am to 5 pm.   

Our big project in August will be to re-brand our store to feature our Antique & Vintage Home Decor and Collectables.  So we are relocating all our Thrift Store Items to the back of the sales floor space and will display our Antiques and Vintage Items in the front area of the store.  

So please be patient with all our remodeling plans.  We will also be putting up new banners and come this fall, we will be advertizing again with the Grand Strand Myrtle Beach Shopper's Guide.

The Arts and Crafts are moving to larger quarters to accommodate all the new donations received.  We will keep all the fabrics in their regular space, and antique sewing machines will be in the library area.

Quilters, Alice (from Canada) took care of measuring, tagging and displaying volumes of new fabrics.  We now have large yardage of very wide fabric in stock, great for quilt backing.  Mary Beth has also prepared loads of quilting fabrics, kits and patterns.  Be first in line to get them!

Audrey has been making displays and relocating items so she is the go-to-gal if you want to find anything!  Thank you Audrey for your tenacity, our store is looking AMAZING !!!  

Jack and Scott cleaned a bunch of area rugs and we now have them ready for you. 

A BIG thank you to Rosie from SeaSea Gallery for donating your time and restoration skills to re-frame a finished ribbon embroidery piece for us.  Rosie, we really appreciate your contribution.  Ask us to show you her handycraft!

The PX has a Brokerage account.  This means that should you, or any one you know, want to gift the PX stocks/bonds, we will be able to accept them and grow the PX's investment portfolio. Thank you Dick for your generous gift of stocks, the PX is in better financial shape thanks to you.

Please remember to keep your packaging materials to donate to the PX, especially bubble wrap, air bladders and styrofoam peanuts.  That helps us lower shipping costs for our eBay store. 

We’re Always Looking for New Volunteers:

Want to get involved in our mission, please join us. We have loads to do at all levels of the organization and if you want to keep active and engaged, we surely could use your help and special talents in meeting our mission of raising funds for Disabled Vets. 

Also, if you want to manage the store, we will train you on the ins and outs of running the non-profit.  With Scott and Danielle retiring as store managers at the end of this fiscal year (our PX fiscal year is October 31st) after completing 5 years of service, we are actively looking for interested folks to take over the torch and lead the PX to yet even greater success.  Audrey has stepped up to the challenge and we are now actively looking for more supporting players and another manager as well.

Thank you all for being part of Surfside PX's extended family and please always remember to thank Veterans for our freedoms and wonderful US-way of life!